Immigration Stance
Immigration Stance
Find Out Where Your Congressional Representative Really Stands
When it comes to immigration and politics it's very hard to determine where a member of Congress stands on the issues. Politicians say one thing and then do another.

There is only one way of finding out their true stance and that consists of digging through all of a representative's voting record. Most people don't have time to spend hours and hours looking through records.

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Now you don't have to as we've done all the digging for you!

We've put the results of our investigation into detailed reports on each member of Congress and their actions regarding immigration. So, while some members may try to spin it with speeches or double-talk, actions speak louder than words.

From border security to interior enforcement to foreign work visa's, you will find out your representatives true position when it comes to immigration reform.

You can get started by selecting the state of the representative you are looking for on the sidebar.